We’re all on this crazy carousel of senior year

It’s so fun and crazy !!

We don’t know what’s going on but we don’t want it to stop

It’s inevitable that it will eventually slow down

And we will be forced to get off the ride and see the view that has been a blur

Been so mysterious to us

But the colors are bright and it’s a new chapter for us

Saying goodbye to the lifelong friends

And memories

We’ll all head onto different rides

New adventures

So for now, let’s live it up

Let’s choose the craziest unicorn on the carousel

Laugh it up with music blasting

Let’s enjoy each other’s company

Smile more, argue less

Not just with friends

But with family too

Let’s talk to that cute boy

Who cares what he thinks

Honestly he probably likes u too (:

I just don’t want to have regrets.

I don’t want to waste any more time

Before the ride comes to a complete stop


In my heart

I love sunsets!

They make me realize how beautiful life is

Also the word “bliss”!

I’m kind of scared of …everything

What always makes me feel better is Diet Coke hehehe

I have an obsession for lewis capaldi

Even though he’s not attractive

If he was, he would be too perfect for this world

I have some best friends and I love them a whole lot

They bring out the crazy side of me

I’m weird and crazy sometimes

But aren’t we all??

I love pickles holy crap

My mom and dad make me the happiest ever

I’m obnoxious




I love my grandmas Mexican food!

Oh yes, I’m Mexican by the way

I love the present but I’m so excited for the future!!

Revealing me

The biggest lesson I’ve learned

Is that I don’t write.

I was pulling from lewis capaldi lyrics

Trying to find a line that will hit deep

Without finding the meaning of it

The way it will hit me deep.

I express myself in another way

Without words

But it hits just as deep


Dance is my poetry

Sr year

Time is chasing us down

Not giving us enough

To complete our bucket lists

Of skinny dipping

Sleeping on the field

Country dancing

Karaoke night

High school musical marathon

Sneaking out

We still got 6 months though !!!


hi !!

you make me smiley

i like your laugh

it’s a little high pitched

but all i wanna do is make you laugh

make you smile and see your eyes wrinkle

and also did u know !

your eyes give me butterflies

yes they flutter up my stomach to my mouth

then i tumble on my words

oops !


I admire

The small yellow dandelion

That seeps through the cracks of the sidewalk

The cement can’t hold it down

It shows it’s bright colors

Unique to the dull weeds next to it

And it blooms strong

Let’s be a dandelion

And bloom strong


Holding back my tears

As we sit in silence on the way home

I’m wondering this whole time

What you’re thinking.

If I talk

No, the lump in my throat is too big

Better just turn on some music


Boys are so simple minded.

Us girls think too much.

We analyze that one “ok” text

Thinking that means they’re over us

I’m using too much brainpower for this one

I’d like to hear from a boy

That they simply are saying “ok”


I try to read your mind

You’ve changed, I can tell

Those special bright eyes

Have lost their shine

And you’ve put up your defense

I can’t look through the stone walls

Your stone cold face

At least that’s what I see

Were you ever sad?

Did you think about me too?

Looking through old texts, oh, the poetic love notes

I miss

I once missed

And I fell for you, but hit the ground

Because the only love I’d known

Let me down

And it’s heartbreaking when you watch

Someone so important to you

Change into a person you

Don’t know